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Mission Statement

Our number one aim is to reverse the process in this industry where you are over promised and under delivered. We believe that we can supply a system that will amaze you, not break the bank and make you wonder why all companies are not like us.

Deal with an Experienced Hair Dresser

World Hair Systems has been born out of genuine need as an alternative to high pressure sales tactics involved in the non-surgical hair replacement industry. The first thing that you will notice is that all your normal day to day dealings with us is direct through one of our hairdressers. Hairdressers do all of the work relating to non-surgical hair replacement.

Design of the studio

Studio design has been a very unusual concept with existing companies. Many have very small cubicles which are very unpleasant. We have been informed that this design was used to stop a client’s partner from being in the room whilst the system was being attached. The reason was that many clients had not realised what the hair replacement system actually was.

The design of our room is firstly large where you can feel relaxed and comfortable. To assist in this you will be offered the day’s paper and a freshly made beverage. As we do not employ sales people, you will not be harassed once your hair is off by any sales process

How we will Amaze You

Once you are comfortable in our studio. The hairdresser will inform you of how your hair unit is looking. They will be honest and candid in their approach. No lies to make a commission. How refreshing. If a repurchase is needed then the process is menu driven. No specials for just today, no sales spiel.

If your needs can not be met, they will not accept you as a client. Our hairdresser’s task is to make you look great, not cut corners to get a sale. Read about what our customers say about World Hair Systems!

Our Hairdressers

We only hire experienced hairdressers who love the industry but not the high pressure sales approach taken by many companies. Just like yourself, they wanted a better answer and we have supplied it. Your relationship with your hairdresser should be long term and very personal. This is what we strive to achieve