Jess, WHS Stylist

In December a sweet 82 year old client came in for her first fitting of a full cap system. Sarah previously saw me very distressed about her rapid hair loss and how she was unable to style her hair, to Sarah hair was everything!

At first when the system was in my hand Sarah and her daughter were very unsure as there was no style to it as yet. We then popped the unit on and you could see Sarah welling up and beaming with excitement. We then cut her hair into the style she used to have and straight away she had the comb in there back combing and styling it like she used to. As a stylist I love watching people doing hair so I sat for a good 10 minutes watching Sarah doing her thing with her new hair. Sarah had completely changed from being very shy and nervous to confident and grateful kissing me on the cheek telling me how much she appreciates my work and that this was exactly what she wanted which really got to me and made me shed a tear and think of my own grandma who’s hair is everything to her.

My experience with Sarah really just hits home as to how much I love my job and making clients feel amazing, confident and beautiful! I will cherish Sarah’s appreciation forever.

(Name has been changed)